Change of Direction

You know how you get a goal in mind, and then in all the planning things kind of morph right into something you never wanted to begin with? That’s what’s happened to us recently. We started out with the goal of having a small home constructed of a steel quonset (or similar) structure. Before you know it, it’s turned into a 1200 square foot home with a loft and all kinds of stuff we don’t need, nor did we want at the onset.

Hey, let’s face it…we’re doing all of this so that we don’t have to deal with renting a home any longer, because in Grand Marais, rental properties that aren’t VRBO’s are at a premium. We never expected to lose our rental, and now it’s going on the market and we have until June 1st to leave. Frankly, we’re done with renting.

So the ultimate goal is to have a roof and four walls, heated, with electricity and running water by the time the snow flies. Internal finishing can all be done later, when we’re warm and cozy and tucked away inside.

So the other day, I’m looking at some website links, and I come to a style of home that I’ve never seen before. Do a bit of research and it’s called cordwood masonry. And we love it. It’s hard, hard labor, but that’s never stopped us before. More on cordwood masonry later, after we’ve read a few books.

For now, we’re going back to our original plan…small.

And, our summer plans may or may not include living in a tent while we build. You heard it here first, folks.


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  • Lori Davidson Myers 2 years ago Reply

    I am so thrilled to watch your new journey! This should be exciting! !!

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