Dear Declan and Fiona,

Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty. We are so sorry for that. You know we have to leave by June 1st, and you know that we do not have a home to move to. You know that we don’t yet own land, or a shelter for us to move in to. You know that we’ve never done anything like this before, and you sense our overwhelm at it all. You, like us, are just waiting for now. But unlike your dad and me, you have zero control. I can see how hard that is for you both, and it hits you hard where it hurts…in your sense of security and comfort. You, especially, Declan. We see it, honey. We know.

We can’t tell you exactly what the future holds. You know what our plan is, and you know that it’s all limited by weather and road conditions, and all sorts of things that are not under our control.

I want to tell you that we’d never deliberately put you in harm’s way. We are working so hard to make this all happen. First the land, then a shelter for the summer, then electric, and then, finally, we build.

We’re learning. We’re capable. We’re​ not afraid of doing the work. And we’re doing this because we refuse to take you out of this community that has become your support and security, your tribe.

It would be very easy to find another rental elsewhere, but we refuse. Grand Marais does not have a home for us, so we will make one. We’re not sure how. But we are sure about why.

Please, Dec and Fi, trust in us, and know that in our hearts, we feel like this is the right thing to do, even though it is causing you worry right now. What an adventure this will be!

We love you more than you could know.


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