Decisions and stuff

The sheer amount of planning and decisions and research is…


That was me, falling down in heap. A heap of overwhelm. With a big ‘ole side of “are we crazy?”

The good news is that we’ve found a piece of the most perfect property in the history of the whole history of everything. Lots of gorgeous pine. Stands of it. Where you just walk into the middle of it and look up and you know that god is just all around you, earth is at your feet, and you could sit down and just stay there forever and ever.

And in the middle of all this gorgeous pine, two perfectly perfect building sites. One for Tiny House and one for Big House.


Before Any House can be built, we need a driveway. We need electricity run from the road to Tiny’s build site. We need a source of dry, aged pine. (Thought we had this one, but wouldn’t be able to get the logs until August.)

We’ve decided that we won’t have septic. Maybe not ever, definitely not for the first year. Will we have a well dug the first year? Probably not. We’ll have a composting toilet in Tiny and eventually an incinerating toilet in Big. We’ll haul water, and will shower at the Y  in town. Greywater will be kept at a minimum, and we’ll use a greywater system to “clean” the water so that it can either be recycled, or drained off. We’ve already begun “practicing” using less water. Did you know you can fully brush your teeth with one small Dixie cup of water? It is entirely possible. 🙂

John is diligently working on plans right now – the plan for the amount of wood we’ll need for Tiny’s frame. And then we have the other issues to deal with – the biggest of these being: where the hell are we going to find aged pine that will be ready by July or August, when we (god willing) start building our walls?

Anyhow, we’re going back to the 5 acres again today to take another look, and to show the kids. They are going to fall in love with it, we know. And that will give us all a boost of much-needed energy in the midst of all of this unknown and planning and research. I’m planning on getting a video of it…so stay tuned.


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