Did I mention?

I am horrible at updating this blog. Uffda!

So here’s a list of updates:

  1. We’ve finished clearing the land.
  2. We’ve decided to burn the brush instead of trying to haul it off the property (too onerous and time-consuming a task).
  3. We’re currently working on dragging all the brush into one enormo-pile to be burned once there’s snow on the ground.
  4. Next task will be to take down a few of the gigantic (well, 40-60 feet or so) aspen so that we can buck it (cut it up into 20 inch pieces), debark it, split it, and stack it where it will sit until we need it to build next spring/summer. We need to take down all of it, of course, but we need to just take down a few rather quickly because John will be involved in a 5-day class on timber framing starting September 6th, and if we have some wood felled and bucked, I can work on the land alone on the debarking process. Whew!

This guy (girl?) showed up on the property today:

Must have already been through his (her?) first molt, as it’s a sphinx moth larvae that has lost the “horn” on its butt. (I don’t know…what’s the technical name for a caterpillar butt?)

Today was a really exciting day, too, because we took down our very first big tree to be used for the cordwood walls. About a third of this tree is usable for cordwood and the rest will be used for firewood.

The reason that only a third of this is usable for cordwood is the rot. Here’s a couple of pics of young aspen we took down that were way too rotted to use for anything.

Too much rot there to use.

I’ve ordered a steel wood cart because getting this stuff from point A where it falls to point B where it needs to be needs more than we can do physically on our own, and honestly, do we need to make this process any more difficult? No. No we do not. 😀

In other news, it’s fantastically interesting how these little mountain maples have grown up since other trees that left them in the shade have been taken away. The ground has warmed, and they haven’t wasted any time germinating and growing.

We’ve noticed new chutes coming off the alder too. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR…

Okay, enough for now. I’ll try to be better about posting!


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