Yesterday was Sunday, and we needed two new chainsaw chains. Steve’s Sports here in town was closed (the Husqvarna dealer), so we ran down to Lutsen to Isak Hansen’s True Value to see if they had compatible chains. They were super helpful, but didn’t have the chains we needed either. So, we bought a couple new blades for the brush saw and went back to the land, figuring we’d just clear brush.

I desperately needed a belt, and ordered one on Amazon, but it won’t come until sometime this week, so I got creative. Skillz, I got ’em. What you see is a bungee cord used as a belt. Like I said, skillz.

In other news, we realized we might have been clearing land too far west, so we took a quick measurement and sure enough, it’s nearer to the property line than we want to be, so we decided to head south and southeast with the clearing. We noticed an open area where it seems there might be a natural clearing. This is very likely our home site! See how there are no trees past the ones in the foreground?

Well, it might be hard to see from a picture, but we were pretty excited. We’re about a days work away from reaching that area, so today is going to be cool, if we finally reach it! That’s what we’re aiming for.

And here’s a picture of how nature perseveres. Fungus grew right over that stick in it’s way!



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