Not a ton of news this time.

We went up to the property we’re looking at to see if the snow was gone. Nope. Still about six inches up there left to melt. And we won’t make an offer until we see the land, itself. So really no forward momentum there. But Mother Nature is working on it, and it’s been a VERY early spring here. (knock on wood omg did I just totally jinx us?) So we’re hoping it’s only a couple of weeks away.

Tomorrow we pick up three interior windows (BIG ONES) and three futons plus mattresses. Then on the 9th, we’re picking up a stove, trim, bathroom vanity and sink top, bathroom mirror, and an interior door. And sometime after the 10th, we will go get the exterior doors, smaller windows, log headboard and side tables, tv armoire, and anything else we decide we want out of the rooms that are being redone at the resort.

We feel so VERY lucky to have scored all this free stuff. Well, truth be told, the headboard WILL cost us $30. Devastating, I know. 🙂 But it’s all going to be put to such great use in Tiny and Big.


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