Our new addition!


We knew it was going to be needed, just didn’t expect it to be this soon. Ah well. Now we can haul all the equipment to the land, AND the kids, too. We kept Subee the Subaru, because there’s only 255,000 miles on her and Declan will be driving in just a few short years. Since we only put around 4000 miles on her in the year since we’ve had her, we’re thinking she’ll be around for awhile.

Still clearing land. We used GPS to mark the four corners of the land, then placed markers where we’ve been clearing, and we’re right on target. Today we’ll finish clearing where the house will sit, and then we’ll move on to the south where the gardens and the bulk of the yard will be. I have a drawing of how we’d like everything to shake out in terms of location of parking, the house, yard, etc. I’ll have to find that and scan it in.

We’ve applied for our fire number (that’s like an address for those of you who don’t live in the boonies). Basically, it’s a rural numbering system so that emergency personnel can find your ass when you get into trouble. 🙂

I guess that’s about it for right now. Just still clearing, and most likely will be for a couple more weeks at least, and then I’m not sure what we do next. Probably rent a bulldozer to get rid of the stumps and stuff. No idea, but we’ll figure it out, right? RIGHT!


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