Research. And did I mention research?

You know that moment when overwhelm sets in and you just stop dead in your tracks like a dear in the headlights? We’re pretty much living in a constant state of that right now. There are so many decisions to make, so many things to research, and so many things are dependent upon other things and right now WE HAVE NO CONTROL! So  yeah, that.

But it’s all good, really. Yeah, we’re stressed. It requires you to really take a step back and look at the big picture. Everything WILL get done. At the end, we WILL have a beautiful house that we’ve build with our own four (eight, if you count the kids) hands.

As far as planning, I think we’ve decided to build a tiny house in preparation for building the big house. That’s what we’ve been calling them…Tiny House and Big House.

There are a ton of advantages to building Tiny first. Check it out:

  • You learn everything on a small project first.
  • You waste money screwing things up on a small scale so you don’t end up wasting money on a big scale later.
  • We’re not so pressed to get the whole Big House done in one season.
  • It won’t stress us so heavily financially if we build Tiny first, then build Big later.
  • We won’t have to find a shit tonne of dried wood right away. We can age the wood for a year, and build the Big House next spring.
  • We’ll positively, definitely, 100% surely have a roof and four walls, heated, with electricity by the time it gets cold.

That last one was our biggest panic button…what if things don’t go as planned and we can’t have the Big House built by the first freeze? We’d have nowhere to go, and if it were just John and I, that one thing, but we’ve got the kids to think of.

So, we’re planning on a structure similar to the one in the picture, but longer. Probably 30×16, which is enough to house us comfortably for a year or a year and a half. We’ll have electric run, but we’re not sure about running water yet. We’ll have a composting toilet that will eventually be put into our Big House. An issue is greywater, and we’ve been researching that along with about 800 other things.

We did go see a property today that would be utterly perfect for us. It’s level, a fairly square five acres of old growth pine, and it’s on a dead end road. Perfect, I say! We’re inquiring with our realtor to get the skinny on whether they’ll accept a land contract.

In other news, tomorrow I go meet with a mortgage lender at our local credit union to see what can be done there, if anything. I’m aggressively cleaning up my credit after a few years of neglect, and I’m just not sure what’s even possible at this point, but we’d only be interested in borrowing enough to put in the foundation, well, and septic. We’re paying cash as much as possible, and honestly we don’t want a mortgage.

We can do it. Just gotta believe.

<3 <3 xoxo


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  • nancy blandin 2 years ago Reply

    Oh my goodness how far you have come since I last saw you! This is SO fun!! One step at a time. I really look forward to your updates. What a smart idea doing a smaller one first. I would have not thought of that.

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