Standing on Our House

We finally found the build site for our home! It’s exactly where we’d imagined it would be based on what we knew about the land. There’s a rise right in the middle of the land, and it gently slopes off to each side. Since I can’t show you that, here’s a pic of John relaxing at the end of a long day. Yes, he is sitting in the brush pile.

That brush pile is around 20 feet long and probably just as wide, and about 10 feet tall. We have seven or eight of those on the land right now. Maybe more. What to do with all of it? Wait until after the first snow, and burn it.

It’s really hard to express how thick these woods are. Here’s a picture of one of the really super thick areas that we’d cut down. You can see all the small stumps sticking up. My feet, ankles and shins LOATHE these stumps, but they’re here until we can get a bulldozer in to level everything.

The brush-cutter is in the foreground here – that’s what John uses to chop it all down. The big trees will have to come down by chainsaw, of course, but we need to widen the cleared area first, so that we have room for the birches. Some of these birches are at least 60 feet tall. Looks like our cordwood home will be made of birch, because we have a LOT of those tall trees that need to come down.


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