The 3:30 PM Conversation

Every day, between noon and 1 pm, we leave for the land. We do our online work in the morning, then switch over to the work on the land. We hit it hard, and we take breaks to get water, but we don’t really stop much. It’s constant working. And right around 3:30 PM, a conversation happens between you and your body. This conversation goes something like this:

Body: I’m done.

Me: Nah, come on, just another half hour or so.

Body: No, I’m done.

Me: Awwww. Really? Come ON! Just another few minutes?

Body: Nope. A great big bowl a’nope.

Me: Hey, what if we build you a sauna? Won’t that feel SO good? Come on, we’ll do it!

Body: Wellllll…

Me: Yeah! It’ll be great! We’ll build a sauna and you can relax and it’ll be great!

Body: I don’t know. When can we make this happen?

Me: Hmmm…2020?

Body: 2020!!!? No way, nope. I’m done.

Me: Damn. Okay.

Good thing is that my body has a pretty short memory, so I can do this every day and get at least a couple extra minutes out of it. 🙂

So, that’s the 3:30 PM conversation. Now you know.

In other news, good news!

We’ve finished our north, east, and west borders. Now, all we have to finish is clearing out the south, which will be our front yard and raised beds. I think we’ll need to clear at least another half-acre, maybe a bit more.

After we finish clearing, we’ll go back and cut down all the small stumps from the alder, and the young pine, maple, and aspen.

After we cut the stumps down, we’ll need to widen the driveway so that the truck can drive up it, and we’ll start taking the brush out by truckloads.

After we get rid of the brush, we can begin taking down the really tall trees, debarking them, splitting them, and stacking them up to dry over the autumn and winter.

Are we having fun yet? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Actually, we are. <3



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