What we use to do what we’re doing

I’ve gotten some questions about what gear we recommend, what we wear when we’re out working to protect ourselves, and what machinery we’re using to get stuff done. So, in that vein, this is the first of probably a few posts outlining the things we use to get stuff done.

Our chainsaw, a Husqvarna:

Our forestry saw, also a Husqvarna:

Chainsaw safety gear, Husqvarna:

MTD 27-ton log splitter:


Felling wedges:


White Sierra Bug-Free shirts:

Carhartt work pants:

Bug-free Buff headwear:

Hmmm…I’m sure I’ll think of more, but for now, that’s about it. (Haha! That’s ENOUGH!)

P.S. These are affiliate links. What that means is that if you click through to Amazon and then decide to purchase something, I’ll get a couple bucks from Amazon.com for referring you. You don’t pay more any more for what you buy, though.


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