Why a Quonset hut?

They’re cheap. Period.

Compared to building a stick-build home…even a modular home…they’re cheap. Granted, all you’re buying is the shell, but even so we’ll be able to do everything – land, quonset hut, foundation, septic and well, radiant heat, and insulation for around $125k. You simply can’t beat that.

And, we’re paying cash for everything. My credit is destroyed and I’m rebuilding it, but that takes time. And time isn’t something that’s on our side. So…cash it is.

Other reasons – we like the look, it’s unique like we are. They’re extremely eco-friendly. It’s one big space and you decide the floor plan (look for that in an upcoming post).

And the best thing is that, once we have the basics down (foundation with radiant heat system installed, electric, plumbing, and building erected), we can live there while we finish it. We’re totally okay with that, because it’ll be OURS. All ours.


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