Why We’re Here


Can you fall in love with a town? We did.

After leaving Chicago, we spent a year here, and a year there…traveling ever north. We were living in Silver Bay when we decided to take a drive up to Grand Marais to see the town. One visit, and we were done. Stick a fork in me. Hook, line, and sinker in love.

Intelligent people, friendly, truly Minnesota nice. Resources that some large towns don’t even have: three grocery stores including an organic market, a brand new YMCA, the best library in the state, excellent public schools, a charter school, restaurants, art galleries, gas stations, doctors, dentists…I could go on, but you get it, right? This place just had it all.

And the kicker…what really did us in…hills to the north, and Lake Superior to the south. There was simply nothing else we could hope to find in a place to live. So, here we’ve stayed.


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  • Janna Skroch 2 years ago Reply

    Lisa & John, I have followed (and been involved) in your story for several years. I see you both growing into your biggest and strongest selves. I am thankful that you have included “us” as you are building your home beneath the pines. I’m looking forward to enjoying your home building updates.

    Lisa 2 years ago Reply

    Thank you, Janna. You have always been there with us. And you will continue to be!

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