Yesterday was AH-MAY-ZING!

We’re in the process of hauling brush from many of the smaller (hahaha) brush piles into one humongous pile for burning once there’s snow on the ground. We got out to the land by about 12:30pm yesterday, and by 3pm, we were having The 3:30 Conversation. We didn’t take any breaks yesterday, until we saw a hawk circling around in the sky. We stopped to watch it and then I saw something that I immediately knew I’d never seen before. I tried pointing it out to John, but he couldn’t see it. Eventually, though, this flock of enormous migrating birds flew into an area of the sky where we could clearly see them. There were exactly twelve of them, but we couldn’t figure out what they were!

We got home, did some research, and they were American White Pelicans!

How cool, eh?

There was also a red-tailed hawk flying around them. We’re not sure if he was waiting for a meal or what, but the pelicans were so incredibly graceful, just riding the thermals around and around. It was almost as if we were watching a small school of fish riding the waves. So beautiful. And at that point, we were just in awe, and were happy to get back to work for awhile, knowing that someday, we’ll be sitting out on our deck, and we’ll look up at the sky, and see another flock of pelicans riding the thermals.


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